Field Negro: 10 White people who used to be Black

In lieu of some White dude declaring that Stacey Dash is no longer Black, not to mention all the racial confusion we had with folks like Rachel Dolezal earlier this year,  I have decided to publish a list of ten White people who used to be Black.
1. Stacey Dash- This was a no-brainer. This washed up actress used to get roles primarily on Black Entertainment Television, and pose for pics in Black male magazines. [see pic] But then she started getting older and less attractive, so she decided to become White, as she is quite aware that there are some White folks who will no doubt appreciate her for her intellect.
2. Clarence Thomas- I know that this dude still looks Black, but that’s just an illusion. Believe me when I tell you, he is White. Or at least he really wishes that he was.
3. Don Lemon– This (former)Negro was born and raised in Louisiana, where they have the brown bag test. He passed it so much that he actually started believing that he was not a part of the folks who failed it.
4. Allen West– If you ask Allen he will tell you that he was never Black in the the first place. He just has a really nice tan from living in Florida.
5. Pharrell– Hey, I love Pharrell too. But we have to let him go, people.
6. Raven-Symoné- Raven started off as a Black child star, but she stared getting Whiter as she got older. The transformation is now complete.
7. Harris Faulkner- Girlfriend had me fooled for a minute. Not anymore.
8.  Ben Carson– There is no way a Black man could get all those evangelicals from the Midwest to support him. I think Dr. Ben hypnotizes those poor old people with his voice. **I am White, I am White. **
9.  Amy Holmes-The networks like to bring on Amy to add some diversity to their lineups. The joke is on them.
10. O.J. Simpson-Wait, this is a mistake. My bad folks. O.J. was actually White for awhile, but apparently he is Black again.
(Hmmm, I need at least one sports figure……)
Ok, I will go with Tiger Woods. Although something tells me that he will be Black again real soon.
Pic from King Magazine.

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