Beautifying Pittsburgh with …Black History

THE WILKINSBURG BLACK HISTORY MURAL, more than a decade later, still stands proud as one enters Wilkinsburg, near the Busway. (Photos by Frank Zouloufos)

SOMETIMES WE ARE SO USED to seeing something, or driving past it, we forget to reflect on the beauty of it.

More than a decade later, Black History—whether it’s local, or national—still shines in art form along the cement of many locations across our communities. From the Wilkinsburg and Homewood Busway, to locations Downtown, the South Side, and others, the murals are a constant reminder of the uniqueness of our heritage. From Kyle Holbrook, to the hundreds of artists who helped spearhead the movement, the New Pittsburgh Courier encourages today’s local artists to continue entrenching Pittsburgh’s African American community with your elegant paintbrush strokes.
It’s all part of beautifying Pittsburgh with Black History.
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