Little Professor Skye children's book series returns with next installment from author Munson Steed [WATCH]

The Little Professor Skye children’s book series has returned to book stores with its newest release, Sleep Sleep Dream Dream, a children’s story that affirms Black girl magic exists for every young princess of color who is establishing her identity and building self-esteem.  Media mogul and award-winning author, Munson Steed, continues to fill the African American children’s literature gap with the Little Professor series to encourage young girls to dream and dream big. Aware of the dearth of African American princesses in children’s literature, Steed carefully constructs this touching tale based on the daydreams and musings of a pensive princess coming to the realization that she is supremely loved and valued.
“I aimed to create a positive, thoughtful, and constructive story to encourage optimism and instruct their sense of self to emerge self-assured and walk confidently toward their futures,” explained an introspective Steed. “Writing my next installment in the Little Professor Skye series has been an honor and a labor of love … amplifying the messages of love, education and family for future generations.”or.
Watch below:
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In Sleep Sleep Dream Dream, lead characters Daddy and daughter Skye, come to terms about the optimal time for bed and dreaming. Daddy aims to reassure Skye that it is possible to see her future while she sleeps and even better, take comfort in knowing comforted that via her dreams while sleeping, she can feel secure in while journeying into the future “…you close your eyes and dream of …”
This time though author Steed, an accomplished businessman as well as an author, provides extra-added value for reader and listener with the inclusion of an original music track about forging the path to success utilizing family relationships, spiritual realization and community conversations. “A song had to lead this special story so you can feel what is on the pages and hear the intention of ‘what has to come to be.’
By affirming for Skye and other little black and brown princesses to dream their dreams, Steed promotes parental support to not only encourage dreaming, but to engage in the realizing and helping their young charges to take flight and discover its infinite possibilities. As Skye’s Plush Crew gets on board and embrace Skye’s taking flight on the wings of support from this cadre of furry friends who act as mentors, counselors and guides on the journey.
Sleep Sleep Dream Dream paints a culturally relevant picture that a bond between a father and a daughter and a bond between the Crown and the Princess are greatly needed in today’s world. The fact that Skye can rest comfortable and sleep secure in the knowledge that she is loved supremely she is lulled into dreamland, confidently exploring the nooks and crannies of the sleep world and her foray into her the future and all it may bring.
For the millions of Little Professor Skyes who would be overjoyed by seeing the royal reflections represented in Sleep Sleep Dream Dream, parental support is key for fortifying the book’s concepts of self-exploration and realization.
Listen to the title track Sleep Sleep Dream Dream here.
In addition to the new book Sleep Sleep Dream Dream, Steed Studios has also released its first animatin video titled Good Morning. Produced by Steed Animations, the video provides vibrant depictions of life during the dream and upon awakening from the dream. The song is sure to help anyone get their morning off to a bright start! View the Good Morning video by clicking here.
Thanks to Munson Steed and the Little Professor Skye series, this bedtime moment is not only culturally relevant, but it also shows the multicultural progression that Steed Studios and Steed Publishing is embarking upon. In addition to creating culturally inclusive books Steed is expanding the African American children’s literature genre, and broadening the experience with audio and visual options. The title song for Sleep Sleep Dream Dream demonstrates that the Steed Studio brand and the Little Professor Skye series are both growing in scope to evolve into legitimate legacies.


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