Teresa Says: Bouncing back after a breakup—7 ways to reclaim your life (Sept. 26)


The feeling of being “Boo’d Up” is like none other. Romantic walks in the park, gazing into each other’s eyes, and falling asleep on the phone listening to each other breathe are moments we long for. You know what I mean; whether young or old, the beauty of love still gives us butterflies inside, and joy in our lives. Having a special connection with love gives us life, but if we’re honest, unfortunately not all relationships have a happily-ever-after. Instead of being boo’d up, at some point in our lives we’ve likely found ourselves in the midst of a breakup.
People respond to breakups differently, but one thing is true for each of us—we have the ability to reclaim our lives. As a woman of purpose, not only are you powerful, but you are resilient. Whether you’ve experienced a life shift recently or some time ago, I want to remind you today that breakups do not have to break you down, and you can absolutely bounce back!
Now before we dive into the seven ways you can bounce back and reclaim your life after a breakup, let me be the first to say that I’m sharing these steps with you from personal experience; your girl has had a few visits at the Heartbreak Hotel as well, and now in retrospect, I’m able to identify the essential steps I took to reclaim my life. Today, I’m sharing strategic stepping stones for you to consider when rebuilding your life from the inside out.
When bouncing back from a break up, it’s essential that we align our lives with the “7 R’s.” The order of each step is less of a focus as compared to the integration of each aspect as you move forward.
1. Rest—Sis, we are relational beings because we’ve been divinely designed that way. Quite naturally we desire closeness, intimacy and companionship, but as tempting as it may be to get boo’d up again after a breakup, I challenge you to intentionally enjoy and embrace your newfound “me” time.
2. Reflect—During your “me” time, do self-inventory. If we’re honest, at times we can so quickly play the breakup blame game, versus reflecting on what we’ve learned and how we can grow from the experience.
3. Refocus—Girl, be sure to get your mind right. Your relationship status doesn’t define you, God does. The man may be gone, but your confidence and worth still remain. Always believe that!
4. Relinquish—Keep the lessons learned, but allow yourself to let go of the emotional baggage and negativity you may be holding on to. Ain’t no feeling like being free!
5. Redefine—Identify your newfound relationship principles, boundaries, non-negotiables and desires.
6. Readjust—Embrace your new season, explore life, pursue your goals, and do you, darling! Having a man is great, but knowing how to love your life before real love comes is even better.
7. Recommit—Recognize that you’ve gained wisdom and you’ve grown from your experiences. In this phase, commit to protecting your peace, healing your heart, and becoming whole. Pursue your purpose and prepare for what you’re praying about. Only recommit to a new relationship when you’re fully ready.
Sis, as you walk through these steps, you position yourself to reclaim your life, move forward, and bounce back after a breakup. Recognize that the experience didn’t break you, but it has now boosted and built you up!
(Teresa Renee Hunt is a Pittsburgh-based Life-Makeover Strategist and Motivational Speaker who empowers her audience to live with intention, make purposeful decisions, and overcome personal hindrances so they can experience the reality of their dreams. She is the author of “Positioned To Be Found: How To Prepare Yourself for Marriage Right Now.” Follow her on Facebook by searching “Teresa Renee Hunt” or at https://www.teresareneehunt.com.)
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