12 Days of Declarations for the Go-Getter (Teresa's Words of Inspiration, Dec. 19)


Words have the power to shift your world. As you’re pumped up and ready to bring in the new year while unapologetically pursuing your goals and walking in your gifts, know that your words are E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Sis, you can have all the want and will in the world to do great things, but you must also remember to pair your will with positive, life-giving, empowering words. Positive words fuel your mindset, serving as the perfect dose of motivation needed to slay your goals, make moves, impact communities, and transform the world. Let me break down the impact of words to you as we take a quick trip down memory lane. Go ahead and recall the time you experienced puppy love butterflies deep on the inside because a guy caught your eye and said those three magical words, “I love you.” Consider the networking event you attended when you walked into the room dressed in your best and someone dropped a compliment your way. On the contrary, reflect on the time you had a heated discussion with a friend and you were on the receiving end of loads of criticism. In each of these scenarios, it was the words that were released to you and over you which yielded a result. Perhaps joy and happiness, a confidence boost, or even frenemy fury. Case in point: Words have power. What we say matters. Words make a difference, and they have influence. The words we say provoke a response. And while the words of others have impacted you in one way or another, the words you speak to yourself and over your own life can totally ignite you!
As you prepare to rock it out in 2019, I’m challenging you today to align your words with your vision, and use your voice to speak words that will allow you to be victorious in all you set out to do. Let the results of your words produce life and not death over your dreams and goals. I’m excited to share that I’m taking this declaration challenge right along with you! I know how it is to be a go-getter, have a big vision, but yet inadvertently have small words coming out of my mouth. I can admit that even with everything I have accomplished and continue to pursue, at times I’ve let stinkin-thinkin’ take over and then talk myself right out of the very thing I wanted to do (and if you’re honest, you probably have, too!). So, I say to you, let’s do this thing together! Let’s declare only those things which will keep us on the path to our destiny. Declarations are words that you declare and pronounce over your life that keep you encouraged and present the truth about who you are and what you can do.  Let’s empower our new year journey with 12 Days of Declarations that are sure to motivate us to live our best lives now, leverage every opportunity, and create a legacy while making an impact.

12 Days of Declarations:

Day 1. I am qualified and more than enough
Day 2. People of power are working on my behalf
Day 3. I am beautiful, valuable, and fearfully and wonderfully made
Day 4. I am more than a conqueror and everything I put my hands to will prosper
Day 5. There are people who need what I have, so I will walk in my purpose
Day 6. I will love and forgive so I can walk in peace and freedom every day
Day 7. Doors of opportunity are swinging open just for me
Day 8. I walk by faith and not in fear
Day 9. I am authentically awesome and amazing, and people need the gifts inside of me
Day 10. I am a winner, so I will not give up
Day 11. Wealth is my portion and I will be a good steward over it
Day 12. I deserve all the great things in store for me
As you take this 12 Day Declaration Challenge, may you be encouraged, inspired and ignited as you “go get” all that is yours, so you can give back and make a difference while serving those you are called to reach!
(Teresa Renee Hunt is a Pittsburgh-based Life-Makeover Strategist, Motivational Speaker, and Educator who empowers her audience to live with intention, make purposeful decisions, and overcome personal hindrances so they can experience the reality of their dreams. Follow her on Facebook by searching “Teresa Renee Hunt” or at teresareneehunt.com.)
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