Spoiled rotten (Oct. 2)

by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor

One of my daytime guilty pleasures is watching Dr. Phil and Judge Judy. I can’t understand why people who are not prepared go on Judge Judy or any judge show for that matter. They show up with no receipts or documents to prove their case, allowing the judge to make the decision based on whatever evidence is supplied or dismiss the case entirely. It is actually funny.

Last week I was watching Dr. Phil and a 17-year-old young Black man was his guest along with his mother. The teen was the one who actually wrote the show asking for Dr. Phil to assist in getting his monthly allowance increased from $1,000 to $1,500. When I heard this being teased on the day before I knew I had to watch this episode. This child does not work and says he will not work. His mother has allowed him to move into the “master bedroom” because it has a large walk-in closet while she sleeps in the small room down the hall. In videos that were taken for the show this kid showed off his Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin’s and more. He referred to his collection as his “drip.” Dr. Phil asked him what did “drip” mean and he could hardly explain it, as a matter of fact he wasn’t very intelligent or maybe he is since he has convinced his mother to “give” him $1,000 a month while he does nothing to earn it. There was never any mention of a father.

By the way, “drip” means you have swagger, you’re hot, you’re cool, and your look or style is extremely fashionable. This boy wears a Rolex watch and thinks he is getting a Range Rover for a graduation present. His mother works 120 hours a week so she can afford his lavish lifestyle. She seemed overwhelmed; she also has a young daughter. Dr. Phil said he was going to give the mother some help in the form of advice. He offered some suggestions on air but this problem has been 17 years in the making.

The young son says he wants to be a YouTube star but it appears he doesn’t have any active videos on YouTube and has no idea of how money is made on YouTube. Dr. Phil explained the video has to be watched at least 1 million times for a minimum of 30 seconds in order for YouTube to pay you $2,000. Then YouTube takes 45 percent of the two grand and then you pay taxes on the rest.

The mom says she wants to buy a home— you guessed it, they are renting. Dr. Phil showed her that in her current neighborhood she could buy a home for $140,000 with about $9,000 down and have a mortgage of under $900. She could use that allowance she is handing out to start her savings. She seemed afraid to put her foot down. It was one of saddest episodes that I have seen. I hope she goes home, gains her confidence and sells her son’s stuff. I’ll help.


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