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Visiting new places is something I really enjoy. Last week The Eatery opened at The Meadows Casino and Hotel. Prior to opening day there was a tasting and I had a chance to visit with celebrity chef Fabio Viviani and taste a variety of the menu items. Here are the new restaurants that you will find at The Meadows and what they serve.

•Mercato (gourmet pizza and other specialty Italian eats)

•The Classic (handcrafted burgers, crispy chicken and Po Boys)

•Joe & Dough (cannoli, key lime tarts, Nutella cheesecake, crème brulee, fresh hot bambolini (Italian donuts) and more)

•Zen Noodle (chicken satay, shrimp rolls and pho)

I enjoyed everything that I tasted and especially enjoyed the new atmosphere of The Eatery. The setup is more of a food court with the 2ten Drafthouse in the center. The Drafthouse serves craft and draft beers and reportedly killer cocktails.

Chef Fabio is a chef, restaurateur, and writer of cookbooks who has appeared on reality television. He also sells a range of wines. In 2005 he moved from Florence, Italy to Southern California. I was able to meet the chef and talk to him at length, he was quite pleasant and very handsome.

Casinos and eating are fun but you know I love to shop. How many of you have tried Facebook Marketplace? If you are wondering what I am talking about, look at Facebook and at the bottom of the square you will see an icon that looks like a store with an awning. Click on it and you will see tons of things for sale. So far I have sold three items and bought three items. There are tons of bargains, the key is knowing the value of an item. I wanted a new chair for my bedroom and I did not want to pay a lot for it. I lucked up on an acrylic chair for $50. These chairs, also known as “ghost chairs,” normally sell for about $400. This was a bargain to say the least. I made arrangements to meet the seller at the mall and it was a smooth transaction.

It is best to meet in a public place, find out what type of car they will be driving and it’s not a bad idea to take someone with you. I always let someone know where I am going and what I am doing if I am meeting someone to exchange merchandise. Don’t forget to check the person’s ratings. You can rate the person just like you do on eBay. Beware of the fake ads on Facebook, most recently there was one with a Costco coupon for $75. Often I hear people say I wonder how scammers got my information. In many cases you gave it away trying to get something for nothing. Don’t do it. There is no free lunch, no free coupons and no free plane tickets. Save your money and pay your own way.

Thanks to the ladies who told me that they enjoy reading my column. You made my day.

by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor

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