Oops Upside Your Head…Oops Upside Your Head! (Seriously, that was a cowardly move by the Browns’ Myles Garrett) (Nov. 20)


:10—“I don’t believe you want to get up and dance…Go oops upside your head!” If you’re still reading it, means you’re old, because by now you know that’s the Par-Tay song by the Gap Band from 1979. Not a more fitting fight song for what happened to Steelers quarterback, Mason Rudolph, when Cleveland defensive end extraordinaire, Myles Garrett, lowered the bomb! (Of course he shouldn’t have done such a reckless thing, totally uncalled for, totally wrong in all aspects.)

:09—For Garrett’s unbelievable un-sportsmanship, he was suspended for at least the rest of the season (and for the record that should be enough. No one got sent to the morgue). Of course, he’ll have to do all the follow-up and elbow-kissing. Needless to say, no play…no pay! And to his professional credit, he did publicly apologize.

:08—As if the Steeler headaches aren’t already enough, Center Maurkice Pouncey got hit for three games, Browns D-Tackle Larry Ogunjobi has one game to sit and both teams were fined $250,000.

:07—This just in about Helmetgate. Anybody on any level that suggests that Mason Rudolph should be fined because he allegedly started this “Dancin’ with the Stars,” should be hit over the head with the same helmet…oops!!!

:06—Final note on this debacle. I have no problem with Pouncey coming to the defense of his teammate, we all would do it. But that doesn’t give him a pass for kicking Garrett. Two wrongs, as you know, don’t make a right. A few punches to get everybody’s attention…old school style is OK, but the kicking is not the message to send to young people watching the game. Lord knows they’re violent enough already.

:05—By the way, lost in the heat of the moment is the fact that your Pittsburgh Steelers got their Black and Gold butts kicked around at Cleveland. That’s what we used to do to the bad guys.

:04—Another tip of the hat to the Pitt women’s volleyball team. Now ACC regular season champs going for national Gold.

:03—Speaking of Pitt, and I just was—try to hold on Little Johnny for a little longer. The men’s basketball team is getting there—dribble by dribble. Of course, they lost to Nicholls State recently because they were still riding high off the Florida State upset win they had to start the season, and they beat Robert Morris, rightfully so. On Monday, Nov. 18, they defeated Monmouth, 63-50 to move to 2-2. If they continue to win the ones their supposed to and stay in the fight with the Coach Capel No Quit Policy, they’ll be OK. But the change will come when a bona fide big man comes to town.

:02—Big…Huge…Enormous. Congratulations to Margo “Hall of Fame” Hinton for the release of her second children’s book. Couldn’t happen to a better, nicer, more complete and talented person.

:01—Do yourself a favor; don’t do it for me. But pull out the classic of all classics…”Still Waters Run Deep” by the Four Tops and the incredible Levi Stubbs. Put it on, roll the windows up tight, low heat, little cherry car freshener and take a cruise to the airport. Just for the sound of it. C’mon Man!!!

:00—Colin Kaepernick, I hope you know what you’re doing. I’m in your corner with the move you made this weekend. Leaves me wondering if you want to be a quarterback in the NFL again or you want to be a martyr for your people. I’m going to hold off one more week and see what happens.

:00:00—GAME OVER for this article. And should be over for Trump. If you don’t want him out now you got a hole in your soul!

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

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