New year, new me (Jan. 15)

by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor

This is not a list of resolutions; I stopped making those years ago. Back in the day I used to make resolutions like cutting out sugar and two days into the New Year I was going through withdrawal. This year I decided to just do the things that I have been doing but try and do them better.

Before Christmas I purchased what is referred to as a diva light. Actually, the technical name is LED ring light kit. I bought mine at Best Buy in the camera department. It was suggested by Darieth Chisolm on her Facebook page and I noticed the light rings being used on several reality shows. I made the purchase about two months ago and let it sit in my office unopened. My fear of new things had kicked in. After the New Year I said, “This is crazy, open the box and read the directions.” Within minutes I had assembled the light kit, mounted my phone and was taking pictures of myself. This takes selfies to a whole new level and will also work well when light is needed for other shots as well. This small task and learning that one new thing told me that there are a lot of other things that I can learn; all I have to do is read and in the words of Essie Norrell, “apply yourself.” Isn’t it funny how the words of our parents stay in our heads.

I’m glad that I keep young friends around to ask questions from time to time when I need help with apps and my phone. These tech things are not really hard but sometimes it just takes a little time. Learning new things is good for your mental health as well as visiting new places and doing new things. Now that I have free time, I am going to travel more and see things that I have not seen. These do not have to be expensive trips or even long trips but just a place where you can have a new experience like a winery or a museum. There is nothing like a day trip where you still get to come home and sleep in your own bed. I’ve also learned that I don’t have to attend every sale. I love a good sale but even if the price is low you can only have so much stuff. I have found that there is so much in my closet that I am not wearing due to the fact that I don’t go to work each day. It’s time to donate and sell.

How many of you have been promising yourself to write a book? That has been on my mind for decades. I’m going to get started on that book and I plan to do that “thrift fashion show” that I have been thinking about for years. The title of the show will be “A Look, Not A Label.” Make sure that you watch for it.

Resolutions are not necessary, just a willingness to try new things, make changes and do things better.

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