Candles by Ashley Lights Up Your Smile

2418 Freeport Rd
Natrona Heights, PA 15065
Phone: (724) 230-8552

For varying health reasons, many people do not have the privilege of burning traditional candles. Ashley Jarrett sought to address that in creating Candles by Ashley, a line of all-natural soy candles.
“My daughter has asthma, so my main inspiration was creating a clean-burning candle that a lot of folks can enjoy,” said Jarrett. “I know a lot of people have allergies and sensitivities to candles, so I wanted to make sure they could enjoy too.”
Jarrett said not only are her candles natural, they are affordable. “Positive Vibes Only,” an energy-based candle for infusing your space with positive energy and “The Chakra Healing” energy candle with seven different layers and fragrances for each chakra are amongst her best sellers.
And for loyal customers, Jarrett established a rewards program. People earn four points for every dollar they spend, which adds up to coupons and money off purchases. She also has a refill program. Customers can bring back their jars, drop them off clean, and save five dollars off large and medium refills and two dollars off the small.
“I’ve been a big believer in rewarding folks that shop with me,” said Jarrett. “2020 was a hard year and I appreciate and value my customers’ purchases, their time, and even [my product] being in their home. That is a sacred space.”
Jarrett rewards not only her customers but also medical frontline workers. She once drove 10 hours on a Saturday delivering free candles to healthcare workers, hoping they would find some relaxation and stress relief.
“A lot of the scents were based on aromatherapy. They weren’t just a pumpkin caramel crunch or an apple one. It was more therapeutic than anything,” said Jarrett.
For her, the greatest benefit is staying connected to people throughout everything that happened in 2020.

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