Let Leverage Credit Consulting Help You Reach 2021 Goals

4607 Library Rd Suite 220
Bethel Park, PA 15102
Phone: (678) 671-1606

Starting any business takes bravery, but starting one in a pandemic takes bravery to a new level. Nevertheless, Jaquayla Huger started Leverage Credit Consulting LLC in October. Leverage Credit Consulting offers credit services at an affordable rate to clean up your past, track your present, and change your future.
“My mission is to really teach people the imporance of credit and how you can really use it to transform your life,” said Huger.
Huger believes her business is unique in that it does not require much in-person contact.
“Credit repair can be a web-based business. I do my consults over the phone, or virtually, so it is a business that could still be really prosperous during times like a pandemic.”
Huger prides herself in establishing credibility with her clients.
“It takes a lot to engage with people, especially with the field that I am in. I deal with people’s sensitive information, so it’s important for me to be trustworthy…really just helping them to see who I am, and where I’m coming from, and what my goal is in wanting to help them,” said Huger.
She started doing credit repair helping family and friends and saw their progress. Immediately she thought about so many others who were not fiscally educated.
“I was able to see credit, and financial literacy is definitely something that is lacking within our community,” said Huger.
For those with a new year goal of getting a better financial footing, Huger advised that self-education and self-control are essential.
“It starts with having a good budget in place. Of course, no one is sticking to it 100 percent, but it’s helpful to see where your money is going and where you can cut some costs and use that money in a better way.”
After working with Leverage Credit Consulting for three to six months on average, clients should begin to see noticeable progress. Get your free consultation and credit analysis now.

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