Sheer Audacity Scrubs and Accessories are Functional Yet Fashionable

7424 Washington Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone: 877-368-9485

Monica Brown was exposed to the medical field early in life.
“My mom was a CNA (certified nursing assistant), and when I was like 12, she took me to her job for take your daughter to work day. She bought me my own pair of scrubs, and I felt really proud at that age wearing a uniform,” said Brown. “I know watching my mom leave for work every day, she was very well put together. It stuck with me.”
It stuck with her so much that not only did Brown follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a CNA herself, but she also launched Sheer Audacity Scrubs and Accessories. Brown provides superior uniforms to essential health workers.
“I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur, but I was unsure as to which avenue to take. Everyone seemed to be doing the same thing.”
Sheer Audacity Scrubs and Accessories are comfortable, functional, and stylish. They provide a wide range of medical uniforms for both men and women. Brown says people can run errands before or after without drawing the attention of a typical scrubs look.
“You don’t really want to go from work to out in the world, but if you have to, you can do so without it is looking like a uniform. That’s what I wanted to focus on.”
The uniforms are also made to last.
“I can attest to the durability of it going through the washer and dryer. They don’t shrink, and they maintain color and shape.”
The jogger scrubs have been a top-seller. Brown says it makes the job easier, especially for professional interacting with patients.
Brown aims to ensure medical personnel both look good and feel good about the work they are doing.
“If I could provide a quality uniform that will allow them to do that and give them some pride, I am definitely going to do that.”

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