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When Christina Springer logged onto Facebook a few years ago, she had no idea it would spark a business venture.

“I was on Facebook messing around, made a comment, and someone said they’d wear that on a t-shirt,” said Springer. “I said bet and went into Adobe illustrator. I doodled something up, put it on a t-shirt, and sold 25 that night. Then I said maybe I should take this more seriously.”

Her business, Mmmm Yes, provides alternatives to the Eurocentric design principles which dominate everyday life. It offers Black aesthetics through diaspora designs for home furnishings and on the go.

The name was initially inspired by her son, who loved to dress up in different ways she described as “mini man’s many moods.” After he grew up, she said now it’s all about “mighty momma’s many moods.” She added when people are browsing her website; they ask themselves should they get an item? The answer is always, Mmmm, yes, you should.

“If you go to the shop, there’s a mood for everything,” said Springer. “I have everything Kwanzaa if you want to tap into your Kwanzaa principles all year round. I got you. If you want to stand in solidarity with your queer folks, I got you. I also have womanist and activist gear.”

Springer believes revamping home décor can translate into setting better behavioral practices for yourself.

“Are you not good at setting boundaries? Why don’t you hang some new curtains? Curtains are fabulous boundary makers. Then after you’re like, okay, I’ve done that, shutting out the outside world tastefully. If I can make that one change, maybe I can say no to somebody or don’t touch my hair at the supermarket.”

Springer is grateful for the support Mmmm Yes has received so far.

“It’s so nice to be invited into people’s lives in a way that makes their lives beautiful and more manageable…My home is my sanctuary. It’s got to be beautiful, and I want that for everybody. We deserve to come home to peace, and when we go out, we deserve to look fabulous. That’s what I want to do for people.”

Mmmm Yes is running a sale through April 30. Use coupon code “CourierDelivers” at checkout.


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