Manifest Success Coaching Capitalizes on Black Girl Magic

2610 Maple Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15214

Phone: 412-818-2803



After initially planning to become a therapist, Rhonda Strozier found herself having a change of heart.

“I started really looking at the fight for economic equity and how I could impact that through entrepreneurship,” said Strozier. “My way to do that was to help other business owners, specifically other Black women like myself. In my research, I was finding that they are the fastest growing demographic that are starting to own businesses but are receiving a tiny fraction of the funding. They’re receiving a fraction of the resources, and so I asked myself how I could help.”

In 2019, Strozier created Manifest Success Coaching. The coaching business aids black women entrepreneurs in implementing systems and strategies that turn disorganization, chaos, and inefficiency into a clear, concise, and realistic set of best business practices.

“Alongside business coaching, we are a community organization,” said Strozier. “We are always focused on community building. We have a community of over 700 Black women business owners on Facebook…We want to go further than building and supporting businesses. We want to create a community where we dispel those myths about Black women not getting along.”

Manifest Success Coaching offers one on one assistance through their Manifest My Business Vision program. Over 120 days, coaching focuses on clarifying a business’s vision, identifying sensible goals to move towards that vision, and creating and implementing a sustainable plan.

The popular Building My Black Owned Biz program is a 12-month intensive business development cohort, meeting twice a month for three-hour workshops. Applications for the new cohort open in May.

“We are offering workspaces. We are building a community of Black women business owners on all levels that are able to network, come together, and share resources.”

Strozier adds that her clients are more than happy to learn from someone who looks like them.

“They love to see a Black woman in front of them that knows her stuff about business but is also able to give them an authentic experience where they don’t feel like they have to alter themselves. The number one thing they love is that they gained a sisterhood with women they never heard of with women they would have never known had they not come through my program.”


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