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Like many others, recent years have forced Theresa Poindexter to reconsider what was important to her.

“The pandemic led me back to my roots. I’ve been a nurse for 20 years, and I have a natural love for science, but my heart was always into natural herbs,” said Poindexter. Her mother, from the West Indies, introduced her to holistic living. During the pandemic, she regularly started using herbs and giving them to her family members and friends. In fact, one friend was so impressed he convinced Poindexter to turn her passion into a profit.

“He said, you need to start a business doing this…You need to step out on faith because a lot of people may gain. You have the knowledge and know the science behind a lot because of your nursing. Maybe you need to reinvent yourself,” said Poindexter.

Thus, The Life Potion was created. The Life Potion specializes in medicinal, herbal extracts, and herbal loose leaf teas. Their herbal blends can be used as daily supplements for general wellness. It helps rejuvenate, boost immunity, and relieve stress, among other benefits.

Poindexter is grateful to have previous medical experience and continues to use it when advising clients.

“While I’m explaining what I do, a lot of people come to me with their ailments, which I’m already familiar with, and it helps me teach them. Being able to minister to others to promote health and wellness…I didn’t realize how I could take my background of health care to another level,” said Poindexter.

She is glad to be of service to others. She remains dedicated to improving her client’s way of life.

“I pray to bless my hands to be able to minister to others and promote health and wellness…that’s my biggest hope that I am able to reach out to people and keep them in a healthy frame of mind, body, and soul.”

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