Cities should be kind places for residents


In 2016, the UrbanKind Institute began magnifying the voices of over-burdened and under-resourced Pittsburgh residents.

The organization, which calls itself a “think-and-do tank,” is based on equity and social justice through:

Community engagement and education

Research and policy work

Equity-based facilitation

Program development and evaluation

Led by Dr. Jamil Bey, President & CEO, UrbanKind Institute has created meaningful programs. Here are just three examples:

Black Environment Collective, where leaders of color can respond to Black populations affected by environmental emergencies.

Black Futures led by Black youth who are charged with imagining a bright future through the lenses of culture, community, art, and politics. Young people matter!

Trust Trees, which focuses on urban greenspace, including thinking about, growing, and protecting trees in our communities.

UrbanKind Institute’s core belief is that cities should be built for people and with people — whose voices and experiences must be central to urban planning, design, and decisions.

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