Let Your Brand Design Studio bring your vision to life

Brandon Jennings identified his creative passion early in his life.

“As a child, I knew that I was going to be an artist under some capacity. Obviously, I wasn’t aware of the term graphic design, but I knew that I was going to be an artist. I didn’t even have a backup plan,” said Jennings.

After being introduced to graphic design in high school, Jennings was hooked.

“I liked graphic design because it’s visual communication. You’re communicating visually, and that always intrigued me.”

Professionally, he used to teach graphic design. Jennings taught at Pittsburgh Technical College for 20 years before going to work as an artist for another company.

“All along while I was teaching, I was always freelancing. I decided once I was laid off during COVID to go in full-time for myself, where I would be doing graphic design, fine art illustration, and also screen printing. That’s how Your Brand Designs came about.”

Your Brand Design Studio specializes in graphic design, fine art, illustration, and marketing/branding. With Jennings’ wealth of experience, he says clients should expect an excellent product that brilliantly conveys their vision.

“They should expect quality work, professionalism, and meeting of deadlines. I like to pride myself off my professionalism and quality of my work. I always like to show my portfolio to give my potential clients an idea.”

Jennings has high hopes for the future of Your Brand Design Studio.

“I see Your Brand getting stronger, getting more recognition local and in the tri-state area. With the brand loyalty and people knowing about Your Brand Designs, I think that it’s going to be a lot of repeat customers, and we’re going to flourish.”

Additionally, Jennings has put his skills to use alongside his brother for their screen printing business, Prints of the City. Together they cater to all of your custom screen printing needs.



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