Griff’s Ground Coffee brews beloved bonds

Griff’s Ground Coffee is rooted in legacy.

“My father-in-law passed away. His name is Griff. He left all of his daughters an inheritance. Griffann, my wife, wanted to do something in honor of her dad’s name,” said manager Keith Brewer-Coleman.

“We went to a meeting, and the guy said for the next week, write down everything you do during the day…we went back to the meeting next week. He let us know before that which you do the most in a week is what you probably should be doing in life. When Griffann and I opened our thing up, one thing on both of our lists was we made coffee. We found this spot, and we said put it under his name, Griff’s Grounds. This is his grounds.”
Keith says Griff’s Ground Coffee is a unique experience.

“The interesting thing about Griff’s is how we make coffee. We only make coffee through a French press. We don’t make lattes, no cappuccinos, no mochas, no cream drinks whatsoever. We just make strictly fresh pressed. We keep over 30 flavors of coffee on our bar from apple to oreo to Rwandan…all of our teas are the same way.”

The commitment to fresh coffee has garnered Griff’s national acclaim. One website ranks them eighth in the nation, and gives Griff’s Ground Coffee top honors.

Keith credits his wife for the success the shop has experienced.

“Nothing happens in this place without Griffann. She’s a key, and she’s the battery of this.”

Keith takes pride in his work daily.

“Even though it’s just coffee, I think everyone deserves to be treated right…I tell everybody there’s nothing like sitting back, and you can look at a room full of people enjoying a coffee that you made. Every last one is made individually.”
He is thankful for the community in Penn Hills, which continuously supports Griff’s Ground Coffee and pushes him to strive for excellence.

1817 Leechburg Rd.
Penn Hills, PA 15235
(412) 668-6062

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