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I just received a new assignment at work (day job).  I have the task of doing what is called a temperature check or wellness check off. My job is to call clients that have recently converted to our company as a processor. The company I work for is a back end processor for financial institutions and we want to make sure people are happy with their conversion and their service. If they are not happy we will see what needs to be adjusted. In the past few weeks I have received several calls that can be considered as wellness calls.
I am a very happy member of Angie’s List and every time I purchase an Angie’s List “big deal” I get a survey and often a phone call to find out how did everything turn out. Recently, I put my car in the shop for inspection. It cost quite a bit of money. I needed rotors, brakes and two tires. The up side of the inspection the auto repair shop recommended that I keep the car for two more years.  He said it was in very good shape and was running well. He then said it’s paid for isn’t it? I cheerfully replied yes and said I would take his advice.
Last week I got a call from Albert’s Tire Center to see if I was satisfied with my recent visit. I was shocked and pleased; I had nothing negative to report. When I picked up my car on the day of service they had put my two new tires on the back and I clearly requested that they put them on the front because the car is front wheel drive. Even though the shop was ready to close they pulled the car back in to the garage and in minutes changed the tires. ATC is located within walking distance of my job. I drop the car off in the morning and either pick it up on my lunch break or after work. There is something to be said about convenience and good service.

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