Arrests made in shooting death of baby

by Rob Taylor Jr.
Courier Staff Writer
Police and the community are unified in their outrage at the shooting death of 1-year-old Zykier Young, who was sleeping in a residence in Three Rivers Manor in Spring Hill when a stray bullet struck him in the head, Aug. 24.

And after a dayslong search, Pittsburgh Police announced early Friday, Sept. 4, that they had arrested two men in connection with the shooting death, and are currently looking for a third man.

Police have arrested Andre Crawford and Marvin Hill. As of Tuesday night, Sept. 8, they’re still looking for Devon Thompson. All are being charged with criminal homicide.

“At 1 year old, what was cut down was a prince that did not have an opportunity to be a king. An athlete that didn’t even get a chance to be on the field. A scholar that didn’t even get a chance to read a book,” said Rev. Anthony Dent, of Canaan Baptist Church in Hiller, Pa. He made the remarks during a vigil and balloon release for Young, Aug. 26. “We cannot blame God on this. God is sovereign, he’s still a loving God. But what we can blame…is those that took it upon themselves to spray with weapons instead of putting the weapons down…in our community.”

Reverend Dent added: “We’re killing a 1-year-old over senseless stuff…The Bible says to be angry, but sin not.”

Pittsburgh Police have had it with the spurt of shootings that’s happened inside the city over the past few weeks. But they had to speak out after a baby was taken away.

“These shooters are going to be held accountable for what they did,” said Victor Joseph, of the city police’s major crimes unit. “This is a baby. This is an innocent, innocent baby.

“This has got to end,” added Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert at a recent press conference.

PASTOR DORTHY STUBBS speaks to the crowd at the vigil and balloon release.

Prior to the suspects being arrested, Rev. Dent said that whoever was responsible for the shooting death should have willingly turned themselves in. Pastor Dorothy Stubbs of New Evangelistic Ministries had said that anyone who knew something about the shooting should have said something. She said that people like to remain quiet, but then, when something happens to a friend or family member, “you want everybody to open up their mouths.”

It’s unclear if community members gave police tips on who was responsible for the shooting. But police did say they were able to identify some of the suspects through surveillance video.

Pastor Stubbs knows Young’s grandfather, Eugene Young Sr. Eugene Young Sr.’s son, Eugene Young Jr., died at age 27 in a motorcycle accident in Ohio, Aug. 12. Zykier Young’s tragic death was yet another heartbreak that the Young family had to endure.

“The baby had a lot of love,” Pastor Stubbs said, “but didn’t have a chance to grow up in the love of a family that was full of love.”

BALLOONS ARE RELEASED IN MEMORY OF ZYKIER YOUNG, the 1-year-old who was killed by a stray bullet in Spring Hill, Aug. 24. (Photos by Courier photographer J.L.Martello)

KIDS POINTING at the balloons released for Zykier Young.


WARREN PARKS AND KAMIA JONES, grandparents of Zykier Young.

ZYKIER YOUNG was shot and killed by a stray bullet in Spring Hill, Aug. 24.

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