Lisa Sylvester among local journalists to receive Emmy Awards


Today’s local television newscasts don’t look like the ones your grandpa grew up watching.

Anchors are sitting at a desk, standing in place, walking while talking, and are even using touchscreens to switch to a new graphic as the viewers watch.

Channel 11’s “WPXI Tonight” (at 11 p.m.) even has a Pittsburgh skyline that’s in motion in the backdrop while anchors David Johnson and Lisa Sylvester present the news.

Today’s newscast is a cavalcade of moving parts; still, Sylvester can give the news in a firm, but warm manner, without going overboard.

On Saturday, Sept. 19, during the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy Awards, Sylvester took home the Emmy Award for best news anchor.

It’s hardly the first award for the seasoned Sylvester, who, before coming to WPXI in 2013, worked at CNN and ABC. But the late night news has been a must-watch for Pittsburghers during the coronavirus pandemic. Viewers of news on both the local and national level have risen since March, when the pandemic forced schools and businesses to close.

MINETTE SEATE, front left, and Chris Moore, top right, with World War II Veteran Eugene Boyer Jr., and his son, Eugene Boyer III.

Joining Sylvester in local Black media personalities winning a 2020 Regional Emmy were Chris Moore, Minette Seate and Emmai Alaquiva. Seate and Moore won in the Historic/Cultural Program/Special category, for their series, “The Good Fight.” The series explored African American men and women who served in wars for the U.S., “even when their country didn’t always serve them,” as it’s quoted on WQED’s website.


Alaquiva won in the Commercial—Single Spot category, for “3Rs Poetry Slam for Boys and Girls Club” of Western Pennsylvania.





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