Mrs. Vivian Zenobia Moore — Happy 95th Birthday!

V.Z. DICKERSON (later V.Z. Moore) as a nurse in 1951.

The New Pittsburgh Courier salutes Mrs. Vivian Zenobia Moore on celebrating her 95th birthday on Feb. 5, 2021.

She was born Feb. 5, 1926, at a home that was above a store on Liberty and Penn avenues in Bloomfield. She attended Schenley High School, where she graduated in 1944. Back then, Schenley had two graduations per year, and Mrs. Moore graduated in February 1944.

Following high school, she joined the Army. Her Army unit was all women and negro, plus medical. Her basic training was done in Georgia. She remained state-side.

V.Z. DICKERSON (later V.Z. Moore), pictured at right in this 1946 photo.

Mrs. Vivian Zenobia Moore was part of the Women’s Army Corps. During World War II, members of the WAC were the first women other than nurses to serve within the ranks of the Army. Some of Mrs. Moore’s titles included co-clerk/tech sergeant (3 stripes), and admin non-commission officer.

V.Z. MOORE, with daughter, Shelby Moore.

Her daughter, Shelby Moore, penned the following to her mother in a letter to the Courier:

“Mom, you served three years, three months, first under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and when he died, then President Harry Truman. During these years the races were deliberately separated under Jim Crow laws. The two U.S. states under such discrimination practices that were so nasty to your WAC medical unit were Oklahoma and Wyoming.

“My mom was honorably discharged in June 1948. Upon returning to Pittsburgh, she received acceptance into Montefiore Hospital’s School of Nursing. She chose psych as her specialty and remained with them as a private duty nurse. She graduated from the nursing school in 1951 as a full R.N. She later had contact with a man who would become forever famous — Dr. Jonas Salk (who invented the polio vaccine).”

V.Z. DICKERSON (later V.Z. Moore), pictured in this 1950 photo.

Mrs. V.Z. Moore worked with other hospitals and medical centers like the Alma Illery Health Clinic, Job Corps, John Kane Regional Center, the Shadyside Nursery Baby Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the VA Hospital and Western Psych.

Shelby Moore’s letter continued:

“Mom, you are the matriarch of the Moores, Dickersons, Coxs, Jenkins’, S. Flurry and Family, E. Smith and Family,” among others.
“Blessings to you, Dear Mom, Vivian Zenobia Moore, we love you and hope your remaining years are the best for and to you!!”

Forever your
daughter, L. Shelby Kathryn





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