Inside Conditions…Bah Humbug!


Sunday past, the Pittsburgh Steelers traveled to the frozen “tundra” of Green Bay, Wisconsin otherwise known as Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers. Oh, with nothing on the line except a “possible” playoff berth, that’s all. But the Packers exhibited just one little thing; all they were interested in giving Pittsburgh was a stocking full of ashes and a “butt” whipping.
See, the Packers also had much on the line, plus they were riding on a “supernatural high” themselves; having pulled off a comeback for the ages against the Dallas “the cry-boys” Cowboys the week before.
No one even me; no especially me, expected the Steelers to stroll out of Lambeau with a victory notch on their belts even considering the fact that Green Bay was starting their “second tier” QB Matt Flynn and in spite of the fact that the specter of the late Packers “headmaster” Vince Lombardi continues to hang around in the underbelly of the storied Green Bay gridiron; petitioning the football Gods to grant victories for his charges.
The Pittsburgh Steelers need to rebuild their defense that is a fact, period. They are getting older, and a bit slower but on the other side of the coin; one thing is for certain and two things are for sure; they are not weaker and they have definitely become wiser.
Take for example, Steelers defensive legend safety Troy Polamalu.
Last Sunday evening around the “crack of dusk” you can bet your sweet “bippy” that no defensive back in the NFL could have delivered the blow that Polamalu brought to Packers QB Matt Flynn that caused him to relinquish the “pigskin” at a crucial season altering time.
I have always respected Mr. Polamalu for his staunch and unwavering theological beliefs because how else can one explain the gift that God gave one man to transform himself into a kamikaze-like human flesh and heat seeking missile” able to launch himself into a gravity defying orbit meeting other “mounds of dermis” head on without him being destroyed in the process. The history of Troy Polamalu’s play indicates that he will never give up on a play even if the fat lady has informed the conductor that she has finished her warm-up routine and is ready to sing the final “aria” that will bring down the curtain on the Pittsburgh Steelers 2013 season. Polamalu had this to say about the victory. “It’s been a long road for us, but we still have our struggles. We were one play from losing that game.” As far as Pittsburgh making the playoffs Polamalu expressed it this way, “It’s irrelevant, to be honest. Nothing has changed from our standpoint. Our mental approach to the game.”

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